E-Pak Manufacturing, a vibrant and growing manufacturer of containers and commercial trailers, currently has an opportunity available for a Manufacturing/Industrial Trailer Engineer, to serve as a key member of our Wooster, OH team.

The focus of this position will be on finding engineering solutions to improve production processes and eliminate waste and maximize efficiency. The successful candidate will possess the following:

    • Solid self-starter, with great attention to detail, who can work successfully in a growing and fast-paced environment to meet goals.
    • Strong critical thinking, problem solving, organizational and communications skills.
    • Ability to utilize materials/machines/labor to create, or improve a product.
    • Ability to fully and successfully address production issues and other challenges.
    • Ability to design systems to ensure production processes meet or exceed quality standards.
    • Capability to identify ways to improve existing operations and communicate those improvements to the team at large.
    • Capable of working successfully in a safety-forward manufacturing/production environment.
    • Experience and/or Bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and 3 years relevant work experience or combination, preferred.

As a employee focused employer, E-Pak Manufacturing offers solid pay and a competitive benefit package. E-Pak Manufacturing offers all team members the opportunity to be part of a respectful, empowering, team work environment.

If you would like to be part of a forward-thinking team with a culture of excellence and customer focused reliability, please apply in person or with the form below. E-Pak Manufacturing is an EOE.

Required experience: prefer 3 years in a trailer manufacturing industry, solid works, Design / fabrication /manufacturing environment: 5 years


E-Pak is currently hiring WELDERS and ASPIRING WELDERS for positions which include: full and overtime hours, competitive wages, medical, dental and vision insurance, paid holiday / vacation time, bonus program and 401(k), short and long term disability and life insurance. E-Pak provides necessary uniforms, tools and welding gear, as well as a generous boot allowance! We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and a drug-free workplace.

Job Description

MIG welders use metal inert gas (MIG), also known as Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), to join metal together. A MIG welding machine uses direct current to melt the metal and join it to another piece of metal, while a gas like argon disperses contaminants from the welding zone. Trained MIG welders use this machine and hand-held MIG welding tools.

Education Requirements

We will provide training, or welding skills can be learned at a vocational school, community college, former employer, or educational facility. Those employed must understand how to read blueprints, do basic math, and possess a basic understanding of electricity and metallurgy. E-Pak does not require certification.

Job Skills

Attention to Detail: Welders need to make clean lines and cuts when welding. Paying attention to the job at hand is necessary.
Dexterity: MIG welders work with their hands, and need to be steady during the welding process.
Strength: MIG welders often need to lift or hold heavy pieces of metal in place while welding.
Stamina: MIG welders can expect long hours on their feet, often in hot conditions.
Technical Skills: Welding equipment requires technical knowhow, as does reading blueprints and understanding how the final product should look.
Troubleshooting Skills: Welders should notice flaws in welds or structural imperfections in the metal.
Good Vision: Keeping a steady eye on the weld as it takes form requires good vision.



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