Engineering Services


The containers, boxes, and trailers manufactured by E-Pak are known for their durability and sturdiness. But their brute strength belies the detailed and precise engineering that goes into the creation of each piece that leaves our facility. Here’s a look at some of the equipment and our capacities that make custom design to your exact specifications possible.

Burn Table

burn_tableOur Machitech “Gold Cut” HD Burn Table is designed for fabrication shops looking for accuracy, efficiency and high speed cutting. It is designed with a custom frame which allows for expansion of table size if needed. Because of this feature, we can cut mild steel material as thin as 12 gauge and up to 2″ thick; material can be cut from up to 8′ wide and 24′ long.

The control software is a Phoenix Version 9 controller which offers the “true hole” cutting technology, giving more precise cutting on inside dimension cut outs, reducing the need to drill or punch holes and slots.

The Hypertherm HPR260XD power supply gives us greatly increased speed. With the addition of the new table we increased our cutting speed by 30%.


rollerOur MG 4 Roller System is designed for the large-scale rolling of metals. Capable of rolling steel and aluminum, the rolls are both about 13.75″ and 13″ in diameter, respectively, and produce sheets as long as 122″.

In addition, the system has an expansive memory for large libraries of programs to effectively “remember” numerous jobs and orders.

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