E-Pak Trailers, manufactured in Wooster, Ohio, have been known for more than 30 years across the industry for their innovation, workmanship, and the ability to bring superior solutions to the transportation industry. We offer a wide array of trailers including Frame Dump Trailers, Frameless Dump Trailers, High Side Gondola Trailers, and Replacement Dump Bodies.

When it comes to our frameless dump trailers we have three offerings — the Radius Body, Half Round Body, and Radius Body One Upright.

The Radius Body Frameless trailer is perfect for countless job sites where a durable trailer is needed to haul scrap, waste, or other items to an off-site location.

With a 102-inch wide body, a side swing tailgate with latch system, and Hyva hoist on the body, the Radius Body Frameless trailer also comes fitted with a Jost Landing Gear (with brackets) on its chassis. The tailgate, sides, and floor are 3/16-inch (AR450).

It’s also outfitted with 5-inch round axles, with ABS in both axles, Uni-Mount hubs and drums (8.25 x 22.5-inch steel rims) and an LED lighting system on the chassis.

For more information and pricing on the Radius Body Frameless trailer, contact an E-Pak sales representative today.


- Rear Load Container

- Front Load Container

- Octagon Compaction Receiver

- Rectangular Compaction Receiver

- Waste Open Top Roll-Off Container

- Rectangular Recycle Roll-Off Container

- Heavy Duty Open Top Roll-Off Container

- Industrial Open Top Roll-Off Container

- Hardox Tub

- Totes

- Waste Tub Open Top Roll-Off Container

frame trailer

- Standard Frame Dump Trailer

- Michigan Quad Trailer

frameless trailers

- Pak-Lite Half Round Trailer

- Pak-King Half Round Trailer

- Pak-Lite Radius Trailer

- Pak-King Radius Trailer

- Frameless Radius Dump Trailer

gondola trailers

- Radius Frameless Gondola Trailer

- Rectangular Frame Gondola Trailer

- Rectangular Frameless Gondola Trailer

speciality trailers

- Long Island Quad Pak Trailer

- Combo Trailer

- Car Hauler Trailer

environmental & additional projects

- Concrete Washout

- Double Lid Sludge Container

- Environmental Rolled Bottom Tarp Top Container

- Environmental Tub Open Top Roll-Off Container

- Lugger Box

- Vac Tank

- Machinery Flat Bed Roll-Off

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