Are you looking for reliable, sturdy, and top of the line concrete washouts? Are you looking for a premiere concrete washout manufacturer? Well, look no further! Here at E-Pak, we are on the cutting edge, offering high-quality and environmentally conscious products for all your needs. Here are four things you will want to consider when selecting a concrete washout manufacturer.

  1. Body Design
    E-Pak’s concrete washout containers are designed and manufactured with one person in mind- you. Our no-corner, radius body design is customizable, makes your life easier, and stands the test of time.  
  2. Available Upgrades
    As with all our products, we offer customizable features and upgrades for our concrete washouts. As a customer, it is important to be able to tailor your concrete washouts to your needs. Not only are we a manufacturer of high-quality standard concrete washouts, we also offer you the option of upgrading to Hardox material for increased durability. 
  3. Longevity
    Longevity is one of the most important things to keep in mind when selecting a concrete washout manufacturer. Our products are designed to stand the test of time. Of particular importance is gate longevity. E-Pak concrete washout containers have floating hinges and v-chains to ensure your investment is protected. 
  4. The Opportunity to Diversify!
    Concrete washout containers are a great way to diversify your income. Our concrete washouts are convenient, affordable, and will help you reach a larger customer base than ever before.


- Rear Load Container

- Front Load Container

- Octagon Compaction Receiver

- Rectangular Compaction Receiver

- Waste Open Top Roll-Off Container

- Rectangular Recycle Roll-Off Container

- Heavy Duty Open Top Roll-Off Container

- Industrial Open Top Roll-Off Container

- Hardox Tub

- Totes

- Waste Tub Open Top Roll-Off Container

frame trailer

- Standard Frame Dump Trailer

- Michigan Quad Trailer

frameless trailers

- Pak-Lite Half Round Trailer

- Pak-King Half Round Trailer

- Pak-Lite Radius Trailer

- Pak-King Radius Trailer

- Frameless Radius Dump Trailer

gondola trailers

- Radius Frameless Gondola Trailer

- Rectangular Frame Gondola Trailer

- Rectangular Frameless Gondola Trailer

speciality trailers

- Long Island Quad Pak Trailer

- Combo Trailer

- Car Hauler Trailer

environmental & additional projects

- Concrete Washout

- Double Lid Sludge Container

- Environmental Rolled Bottom Tarp Top Container

- Environmental Tub Open Top Roll-Off Container

- Lugger Box

- Vac Tank

- Machinery Flat Bed Roll-Off

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