You may be asking yourself “Why Hardox, What’s so special?” Hardox is a beneficial material to use for bodies for many reasons Some of those being: Higher performance, Improved Transport Economy, Less material, and Longer service life. Hardox is the perfect material to make a hard, tough, yet cost-efficient body.

Higher performance

                When creating a body out of the Hardox material were combining hardness and toughness which our two of the qualities that makes the Hardox material incredible. Hardox is extremely wear resistant, which allows for new ways of designing steel structures. Compared to Mild A-36 Steel of the same thickness, Hardox AR450 has four times the strength and abrasion resistance. 

Improved transport economy

                Hardox material is significantly lighter than traditional steel because of this weight loss load capacity can be increased, which increases your profit.

Less Material

Without sacrificing strength and performance, we can use less Hardox to make the same product than traditional steel, and Hardox will last much longer. When your Hardox life runs out, 100% of the material can be recycled into new steel products.

Longer Service Life

As we mentioned before Hardox has an extreme resistance to wear, and because of this the life of the product is extended significantly. Hardox can easily increase the service life on your product for 2,3,5 and even 10 times more.

Hardox has many other benefits including increasing your payload, lower your fuel consumption, prolonged service life, decrease your need for repairs, and improve your overall economy. All of these things and many more are just another reason why you should invest in a Hardox product ASAP.


- Rear Load Container

- Front Load Container

- Octagon Compaction Receiver

- Rectangular Compaction Receiver

- Waste Open Top Roll-Off Container

- Rectangular Recycle Roll-Off Container

- Heavy Duty Open Top Roll-Off Container

- Industrial Open Top Roll-Off Container

- Hardox Tub

- Totes

- Waste Tub Open Top Roll-Off Container

frame trailer

- Standard Frame Dump Trailer

- Michigan Quad Trailer

frameless trailers

- Pak-Lite Half Round Trailer

- Pak-King Half Round Trailer

- Pak-Lite Radius Trailer

- Pak-King Radius Trailer

- Frameless Radius Dump Trailer

gondola trailers

- Radius Frameless Gondola Trailer

- Rectangular Frame Gondola Trailer

- Rectangular Frameless Gondola Trailer

speciality trailers

- Long Island Quad Pak Trailer

- Combo Trailer

- Car Hauler Trailer

environmental & additional projects

- Concrete Washout

- Double Lid Sludge Container

- Environmental Rolled Bottom Tarp Top Container

- Environmental Tub Open Top Roll-Off Container

- Lugger Box

- Vac Tank

- Machinery Flat Bed Roll-Off

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