General Laborer

We are looking for a General Laborer to complete manual labor tasks and support operations.

The job duties of a general laborer vary. They may include cleaning and preparing a job, loading and delivering materials, and using a variety of tools and machines such as scrapers, forklifts, levels, lifts, power drills, grinders, saws, pressure washers, welders, hand tools. Physical strength, hand-eye coordination and ability to follow directions are extremely important as well as verbal communication and attention to detail.

We’d like you to have stamina and the ability to lift at least 50 pounds. You should be able to concentrate on performing your tasks and commit to safety rules. If you fit this description, and you’re also interested in doing tough but important work, we’d like to meet you.

  • General Laborer/Tow Motor Operation
  • Safe operation of power equipment including, but not limited to tow motor, grinder, welder, scrapers, hand tools, cleaning tools, plasma cutter, etc..
  • Material Handling
  • Cleaning Parts
  • Staging parts in proper locations
  • Some preventative Maint of parts and equipment
  • Back up operation of fabrication or welding machines
  • This includes providing material to to desired workers or stations
  • Any knowledge of blueprints could be beneficial above responsibilities (essential functions) are not intended to be all-inclusive.  
  • You may be expected to perform other duties.  Due to changing business requirements the job duties may change from time to time.  Therefore, the Management of the Company reserves the right to change the above without notice. 

An employee agrees to conform to the rules and regulations of E-Pak Manufacturing, LLC. An employee’s employment can be terminated with or without notice, at any time, at the option of either Company or employee.

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