Environmental Products

Submitted by E-Pak on Tue, 06/15/2021 - 3:42pm

E-Pak has full lines of environmental items. From Vac Tanks to Double Lids to Environmental Tubs, we have got something for everyone. A few products to highlight:

Vac Tanks

The Vacuum Container is designed and engineered to withstand daily abuse, wear, and tear. In-house rolling technology presents fewer welds below the water line, and every container is inspected, and water tested before it leaves our facility.

Double Lids

E-Pak engineers and designs a lid system for a liquid tight container. With a top lid seal and an easy roll track system, each container is fully water tested before it leaves our facility.

Environmental tubs

E-Pak possesses the ability to build sludge containers to customers’ specific needs and applications. Each container has a heavy- duty understructure, tub-style and rolled bottom. E-Pak’s Enviro Tarp Top Containers are extremely versatile and can be used in sludge / soil applications, for dewatering and solidification, and even in transport. With fully welded insides, and 100% water tested before leaving our facility, these containers cannot be beat!

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