Fast Facts About E-Pak's Gondola Trailer

Submitted by E-Pak on Fri, 03/13/2020 - 2:38pm


So, you’re in the market for a Gondola Trailer. The options, it seems, are endless. You may be wondering which type of Gondola Trailer is right for your business needs.  E-Pak is here to help! We offer Radius Body Gondola Trailers perfect for Scrap Metal Recycling applications and designed specifically for you. Here are some features and benefits of our Radius Body Gondola Trailers.

  1. Our Radius Body Gondola Trailer Is Strong

Hardox AR450 material offers four times the strength and abrasion resistance in comparison with Mild A-36 Steel of the same thickness. 22 Degree Radius provides another layer of strength, setting the framework of the unit. Hands-down this is a Radius Body Gondola that’s going to go to work for you. Not only that, but the weight savings of our Radius Body Gondola compared to a traditional sheet & post gondola is 20%!

  1. Our Radius Body Gondola Trailer is Functional and Efficient

Not only is it durable, but the AR450 Radius Body eliminates floor corners, reducing friction and resulting in increased efficiencies when unloading. What took one hour to offload with a traditional Sheet & Post Gondola now takes 20 minutes! Additionally, the floor corners of a traditional Sheet & Post Gondola offer great inefficiencies in terms of total load cleanout. E-Pak’s Radius Body composition eliminates these factors maximizing the operators net haul and reducing damage received by crane operators when thoroughly cleaning-out the load.

  1. Our Radius Body Gondola Trailer is Versatile

The Radius Body Gondola offers the user ultimate flexibility when transferring ferrous recyclables and can span all grades if required. It reduces the need for specialized equipment, like 3-sided Crushed Car Haulers, Flatbeds, and Dry Vans. It also eliminates inefficiencies when hauling crushed cars by Flatbed. Not only that, but we also offer an optional Tow Motor Package, Dock Plate, and Electric Flip Tarp.

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