Featured Product: Tub Containers

Submitted by E-Pak on Mon, 03/05/2018 - 9:00am

E-Pak Manufacturing, located in Wooster, Ohio, has been a leader in steel roll-off containers and trailers for more than 30 years.

Our high quality metal fabrication services manufacture top-notch containers for the environmental, scrap, waste, and construction industries to name a few.

We offer a wide range of containers for multiple applications including front load, rear load, heavy duty, industrial containers and several more.

Our Tub Containers are perfect for contractors and waste haulers.

We offer four different models of tub containers that come equipped with 10-gauge sides, a 3/16-inch floor, and four bottom rollers. The interior is fully welded, all axles are standard with grease fittings, and our tub containers come installed with a handle type latch system (a ratchet type is optional).

All of our tub containers also come with serial numbers welded on them and an enamel prime and finish coat.

E-Pak’s tub containers come with a tapered design from front to back, allowing the user to consolidate trips to the job site while containers are empty and they also come with the ability to nest inside one another, thereby reducing transportation costs.

And a smooth sided configuration is perfect for decals or other marketing options.

For more information on the tub container (and other containers from E-Pak) contact a sales representative. 

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